activate and motivate - on mobile devices

actimo is a mobile dialogue platform that enables end-to-end conversations with customers and employees on their smartphones

  • Create and send snackable messages

    Easily build responsive messages and broadcast to any device 

  • Track impact and behaviour

    View real-time statistics on message responses and take immediate action on customer input

  • Integrate and automate

    Use your existing CRM, CMS, or user directory to automate communications

Seeing is believing! Let us inspire you with an actimo experience

These companies use actimo

to connect with customers and employees


any device, any time
SMS (Rich)
SMS (Plain)
SMS codes
Email (Interactive newsletter)
Mobile intranet
Over-the-top apps
Voiceblast (hands free)
QR codes


One-to-many dialogues
Video and images
Text and mail merge
Interactive surveys
Automated dialogue workflows
NPS - net promotor score
Powerpoint with speak
… and much more


Take action on interaction
Push and pull messages
Click rates
Bounce rates
Content engagement
User feedback
User input
User scores
… in online and offline reports