Our mission is to help you make your mobile-first team perform

By creating more engaged, knowledgeable, effective and happy employees.
Now you know.

We are Leaders in Management Tech

We are an international software company, made up of talented, passionate and ambitious people working dedicated to be a globally leading company in Management Technology, with special focus on mobile first employees.

What is Actimo

Actimo is a mobile-first communication and management application that meets the needs of today’s organisations with many mobile first employees.

Through a combination of communication, training, onboarding and performance management functionalities, and full performance insights into how information is engaged and understood by employees, the platform provides managers with a strong 360 degree tool for Communication and Training.

Why use Actimo


Use Actimo because they can...

  • Effectively reach and engage
  • Get performance insights and spark dialogue
  • Get started and get results right away


Use Actimo because they can...

  • Build interactive mobile communication for large groups in minutes
  • Increase reach by sending out immediately through several channels
  • Get Real time Performance Insights and Dialogue


Use Actimo because...

  • Messages are snackable, gamified, social and personal
  • It is easy and quick to get mobile access to important information
  • Performance insights are shared

Who we are

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