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For leading mobile first employees


With Actimo you can communicate with, onboard, train and manage your mobile-first employees in real time, empowering you to optimize employee engagement, knowledge and performance.

Today's internal communication tools were great innovations of their time. But times change.


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Build & Send

Create rich responsive mobile communication via sms, email and app


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Measure Engagement

See if users have engaged with your communication and get feedback


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Test Knowledge

Check if your employees understood your message


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Track Performance

Know if your management and communication is effective


Traditional communications

Enter Actimo


Actimo keeps you informed of employee engagement, knowledge and performance levels in real time, empowering you to interact with and manage hundreds or even thousands of mobile first employees.


Build and send your message

Set up a responsive communication in minutes. Add video, like buttons, comment fields and quizzes, and send it directly to employees. Reach even those in non-desk jobs.

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Send message

To: Eske Gunge
New York, USA

Welcome onboard! Over the next week you will get 5 videos and quizzes about our culture and values.

To: Daniel Harding
Tokyo, Japan

Please let us know how you found the live streamed townhall on your smartphone?

To: Anders Kragelund
Copenhagen, Denmark

Ready for the new campaign? Please watch the video and confirm you are ready!


Get insights & Data in real-time

As soon as your message is sent, you can track how it performs. Do people read and understand, or do they need clarification? Do they like what they are reading?

Real time data



Was the USP understood?
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Clarify message

Record a video

Leave a comment

Take a Quiz


Analyse & Take action

Set up follow ups and new messages, and make sure that your business and employees are growing continuously. Now you Know!

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