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Actimo is a management app that empowers managers to effectively communicate and lead groups of mobile-first employees with snackable mobile content, regardless of where they are.

What we do

Why, how, what?

  • Easy We promise to be easy to work with in every sense of the word. We are an easygoing team, open to new perspectives and ideas. We are committed to making our workflows, processes and interactions both smooth and easy
  • Fast We promise to initiate onboarding even before your first day of work with us. Your personal development curve will be steep and exciting, as execution is very much in Actimo’s DNA
  • Effective We promise to deliver on time in the leanest way possible. We trust each other with the power and space to create effective results in all interactions, both with each other and with our customers
  • Engaging We promise to always be genuinely curious - about each other, about our product and about our customers. We are committed to what we do, because that commitment is what helps us grow, as individuals and as a company

Where we are

Welcome to Copenhagen – this is our hometown

Despite its global appeal, Actimo remains strongly tied to Copenhagen – a city ranked among the greatest in the world in terms of quality of life. The tech scene in Denmark’s beautiful capital is rich and bustling – and conveniently located, just an hour’s flight from other metropolises like London, Berlin and Amsterdam. Copenhagen very much embodies the values on which Actimo was founded; Easy, Fast, Engaging, Effective. And it’s fun, too!