How it works.

Actimo is easy to use, fast to deploy,
engaging and highly effective for sparking performance.

In short

Actimo is a cloud based Software as a Service, that helps you to communicate with, onboard, train and performance manage your mobile-first employees in real time. All without installing a single thing.

Multi purpose

How can you use Actimo?

One platform for many communication and management tasks.

Preboarding & Onboarding

Get new employees faster up to speed, increase satisfaction and minimize employee churn by automating welcoming and training programs. Give them the company history, introduction to relevant leaders and colleagues and perform product training.

Internal communication

Reach and engage every employee in your organisation with interactive video-based communication on mobile. Measure engagement and knowledge levels and get company wide likes and much more.

Employee surveys

Fast execution of anonymous employee surveys or other relevant surveys and polls, that ensures high response rates and the ability to include many kinds of rich media in your surveys.

Events & Town Hall Meeting

Live stream your Town Hall Meetings to all employees all over the world. Use live poling at your meetings to engage your audience and get feedback.


Gamified training in products, processes, security, best practice etc. Also allowing for social learning and interaction through liking, posting and commenting.

Mini mobile intranet

Save time ensure higher knowledge levels among employees and higher service levels for customers, by making information and archives easily available - searchable in the mobile app. No more endless seach for important information on the desktop based-intranet.

Internal Support

Use actimo as an internal support platform for sending out interactive quick-guides and bulletins.


Ensure a good and efficient off-boarding of employees handling practicalities such as handing in keys, cards and devices - ensuring good karma and a good last impression.


Full list of all supported features in Actimo.

Core features

Preboarding & Onboarding

  • Permission collection
  • Contact module
  • Customized fields


  • High priority info
  • News
  • Media upload
  • Powerpoint with audio
  • Mobile video message
  • Public feedback
  • Video & Audio podcast
  • Social features


  • Quiz
  • Gamification
  • Point system KPI-dashboard
  • Managers view

Mini mobile intranets

  • Front page
  • Personal Profile
  • Home Screen
  • Bookmarks Social posts


  • Questionnaires
  • Anonymized surveys
  • NPS

Conferences & Meetings

  • Live polling
  • Live streaming


  • Interface
  • Quick search


  • Access restriction
  • User & content deletion

Performance insights

  • Bounce rates
  • Click rates
  • Engagement rates and feedback
  • Performance statistics with benchmarking


  • 3 level admin
  • Theme builder
  • Workspaces
  • Full API


  • Notifications
  • SMS + SMS Shortcodes
  • Email
  • QR-codes and links
  • Embed code
  • Scheduled sendouts
  • Timezone sendouts


  • Iron-clad security
  • IP-limiting
  • Forward lock
  • Password complexity
  • Open limits

Actimo Onboarding Programme

Solution implementation.

If you wish to implement a full communication platform with a larger group of employee, we have a standard onboarding-program where we help you through every step of the way to ensure your success.

Phase 01 - Planning
Phase 02 - Building
Phase 03 - Launching
Setting goals
Defining team
Content plan
Content creation
Importing contacts and groups
IT and security settings
User experience and design

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